The Wholesale of Indiana

Locally Owned Plumbing & HVAC Supplier

The Wholesale of Indiana, originally named “Indiana Wholesale” was incorporated sometime before 1970 by Max McCall. He moved into a building off of Maple St. in what has now become IUP’s Zink Hall. In the early 70’s, Cameron Davis purchased the business from Mr. McCall and moved into the landmark “large red brick building” at 1075 Water Street in Indiana, PA.

Mr. Davis relocated his other business, Davis Brothers Plumbing and Heating into the same building and operated them both until in 1981, when he sold Davis Brothers Plumbing and Heating to a long time employee, Robert Allison, who then passed the business down to his son, Dave, who currently runs the business with his wife, Virginia.

A few years later, Mr. Davis sold “Indiana Wholesale” to Thomas Johns, who renamed the business “J & S Wholesale”. Mr. Johns continued to operate the business out of the same location until 2022 when he sold the business to Dave and Virginia Allison. The new owners paid homage to the historic business by changing its name to The Wholesale of Indiana.

We look forward to serving the Indiana area as a locally owned plumbing, heating, parts and supply business just as it has for decades in the past.

"Indiana Evening Gazette"

Friday, May 19, 1972